Pet Safety Light

Pet Safety Light
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Product Description

Pet Safety Light
This Pet Safety Light gives off a very brilliant flashing light that alternates between; red, white and blue. It is so bright that it can be seen from a half mile away.

This wonderful pet accessory can easily be attached to your pet's collar, leash or harness with a heavy duty clasp. It is also a great safety blinker that can be worn by people for walking or jogging at night.

The entire length is 2.25" and less than 1/2" in diameter. The clasp alone is around 1.50" long and the light itself is 1/2" long.

This Pet Safety Blinker comes with three "LR41" tiny size batteries it needs to operate with. We also sell the additional betteries at a discounted price.

The light turns "on" with a light twist of the top and "off" with a slight counter clock turn.

We use them for our dogs at night when they use the fenced in yard - so it is easier to see where they are at. Our Husky likes to hide outside, so it is a very useful tool.

It is recommended to remove the safety light from your pet's collar or harness when not in use