(In Memory of) ANGELINA (The Pianist) - PANDORAS OWN
I was about to leave for a day of sales at the Flea Market one Friday, when I received an email about a depressed cat that was an owner surrender at an under funded, high Kill shelter, about an hour away. I had no intention of adding another pet, however, when I took a look at the photo of the "depressed cat", I knew instantly that I had to rescue her. You see, her photo really tugged at my heart because she looked exactly like my late beloved "Pandora". I had no idea what I would name her, but somehow knew that once I laid eyes upon her in person, I would be able to find the right one for her. When I met her, I couldn't believe how much she looked like Pandora. In the car, on the ride to the vet, I named her "Angelina" - this seemed just right and so fitting for her. I had no idea what the name meant - other than an Angel. I learned that "Angelina" also means "Heavenly Messenger" and is Greek, as is Pandora. Perhaps she is Pandora's messenger from above.

I just adore Angelina and although it is sad that those who raised her from 6 weeks, decided that she was disposable after 6 years. I am so grateful that the universe put us together. Update: Angelina sadly has crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" on 5/14/21 She was around 17 years old, and still looked like a young cat. She had a Tumor in her Bladder which unfortunately was inoperable!