See what customers are saying about us.

Date: 10/05/21 Donna, you are so lovely! The red and green tags are for the Holidays so we certainly have time. Pls don’t worry. Take the time you need; enjoy doing your beautiful work which I am so lucky to enjoy. And then ship both tags when they are ready. I appreciate the options but tend to solve for making things easy these days. I know keeping a small business afloat is hard these days. You are terrific. Thanks for reaching out! TL Chattahoochee Hills, GA

Date: 06/26/12 Hi Donna - In November of 2010 I purchased a split heart from you to send with my son who was deploying to Afghanistan. I wanted to let you know he returned safely with his half of the heart. He said he had it with him all the time and still wears it today. My daughter or I wore the other half daily. If my 3rd grade students couldn't see it they would ask where is your Matt heart? I hope your Montana is doing well! Julia, Billings, MT

Date: 04/15/11 Dear Donna, Just wanted to thank you, just received the tags for my puppies, they are absolutely beautiful and the quality is much better than I expected. The size is perfect for my Chihuahuas. I can't believe how fast I got them, within 48 hours. It is nice to see such good quality and customer service, will recommend you to everyone!!!! Jackie

Date: 3/3/11 SOOOOO COOL !!!!! I NOW HAVE THE BEST LOOKING CAT IN TN. Got the tags yesterday, I love them! I'm mailing my brother his tag today, can't wait till he see's it! Thank You,


Date: 3/2/11 I really appreciate it!! Thank you very much for keeping me posted also. The dog tags are absolutely adorable!!


Date: 2/13/11 Hello, I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me to get the rings. They are very pretty. Cindy

Date: 2/8/11 Donna, The order was received yesterday. It's lovely...perfect and just what my daughter wanted (it's a valentine gift for she and her boyfriend...very cute). When she saw your business card she was even happier that we ordered from someone who is an animal lover that supports animal welfare organizations. She is a modern day St. Francis and we will certainly be ordering tags for our 4-legged family members soon!

Thanks so much!! Annette

*Pandora was beautiful...and so lucky to have shared her life with you.

Date: 12/06/10 I recieved all of my tags this weekend and they are adorable...Love...Love..Love them. I can't wait for my sister to open hers up on christmas for her precious Boomer...Tessa's tag was fantastic and Taz's was perfect...My husband does not ever say much about things like that but even he thought they were great.....Thank you so much and I hope you have a great Holiday. I will send pictures.....Roxanne

Date: 12/05/10 Gosh, you guys are great! Most companies aren't personable; thank you for getting back to me. Shawana

Date: 11/16/10 I really appreciate you going above and beyond! I will share your site with my girlfriend who has a little dog….Im sure she will want to get her little girl some things. Enjoy your day and thanks again! Lexi

Date: 10/14/2010 Hi Donna - Just wanted to thank you for the thoughtful service in getting my cat's Beastie Bands and Tags together - especially for caring enough to track me down by phone to coordinate things. I received them and very happy. They are actually to replace the same Beastie Bands that are beginning to wear out and glad I found you cuz I love them... Pat

Date: 10/05/10 "I searched all over the internet for really cute dog tags for my two Pekingese, something with two-sided engraving and encrusted with something sparkly :). I couldn't find ANYTHING!!!!!! I found Pandora's Jewelbox and I found the tags that I had visualized in my head. I promptly ordered two of them with my information custom engraved and ordered overnight express shipping. When I made my order it was about 2pm Arizona time. Seconds later I received the following e-mail:

"Hi Sharon, Thank you for your order. I noticed that you need these tags sent overnight express. Can they be sent out tomorrow? Please let me know as it is already 4 PM here. Thank you, Donna H

To which I responded that I was not worried about it and if it was too much of a hassle to just ship them tomorrow. Donna then quickly replied that she was going to hurry and ship them the same day, despite the late notice and difficulties it may have caused in her day. I received them the next day and they are exactly what I expected. I thank Donna and Pandora's Jewelry for being everything I needed and wanted plus more than I expected."

Date: 07/16/09 I received my collar and leash set yesterday, as well as the ID tag. They are the coolest. I have them, as well as the digital camera, loaded in the car to pick up my new puppy today. Stay tuned for pictures, per your request.

Thanks again for your great customer service! Brenda B Purchasing Manager

DATE: 05/2009 We were away all last week on vacation and just returned last night. The package with the tag was here waiting. It is gorgeous!!! Just perfect. I will take some photos of my girls proudly wearing their bling and send them to you shortly. Once again, thank you for your amazing customer service and being a joy to do business with. I will most definitely recommend you to everyone I know.

Thanks again Donna!

My best, Elizabeth

DATE: 05/2009 Thanks so much Donna, I can't wait to see it! I would love to send you some photos of my babies wearing their gorgeous tags.

It's been a pleasure working with you. I wish everyone I worked with was as friendly, professional, and helpful as you are!

My best, Elizabeth

Date: 05/2009 Hi Donna, I received the pet ID tag yesterday and am beyond thrilled with the purchase and service. The tag is much prettier than I had even hoped. For the price I expected it to look a little plastic, but WOW, it's the best pet bling in town. I felt informed through each step and the personalized, hand written note on the packaging slip was an amazing extra touch!!! (You just don't get that kind of service any where anymore). As you can see I was overly impressed. Thank you! I will be ordering again soon.


Date: 05/2009 Wow! Great customer service. Of course, I have posted on my Facebook page what a super company Pandoras Jewel Box is: products, time frame, customer service, everything. Emily

Date: 04/2009 I forgot to let u know that my friend LOVED the tag!!!!! The collar is too big for him right now but he'll grow fast. I forgot to take a pic of him because he was too hyper but I will get one and send to u. Thanks again for everything!!!!! I will be doing business again with u in the future!!!! Kim

Date: 04/2009 Guess what? I got my ring and bracelet today! what a nice surprise, they are sooooooooooooo beautiful! i just keep looking at them, the ring fits great, wow, thank you so much for all you did for me to be able to have them, what a great way to remember you, too Athena

Date: 03/10/08 Hi Donna, We received our tag today & wanted to tell you that we absolutely LOVE it!~!~! It is so beautiful. It is completely worth the wait! We will be getting our puppy in about 4 weeks. We'll have to send a picture of him wearing it. The tag will probably be 1/2 as big as his head at first. haha. Thank you Thank you! Sincerely, Christine H

Date:01/08/08 I recieved the pet tags and they are fabulous. My dogs will be the "best dressed" dogs in our county. Thank you, Roberta J

Date:02/15/07 Hi Donna,

Just wanted to thank you for the lovely necklace and dog tag. Both were beautiful! Thanks, Debbie

Date:08/29/07 Hi Donna, I received the ring and neck collar yesterday afternoon and one thing to say about it...BEAUTIFUL and I am very happy with the jewelry!! My friends at work just loved it and they know me, I'm always about looking for the "out of this world" jewelry. The Ladies I work with now wear jewelry and always say I inspire them to do year later. My husband just loved the pieces too and I do agree that they are well made. Regards, Madelyn S C

Date: 07/27/07 I LOVE this ring….my friend got it and I have to have it. Shelly Y

Date: 05/14/07 You guys have the best jewelry - it is so unique. I get more comliments on my new ring! JuneK

Date: 02/16/07 What do you do when you need a special gift fast? See these folks first. Everything is perfect

Date: 01/08/07

The necklace was received by the intended recipient, and she is very happy with it. I appreciate the gift wrapping, and also the 10% off coupon for the next time. I will be doing business with you again, you were very considerate and professional about keeping me up to date, and also recommending your website to some of my family and friends that I know will like it.

Happy New Year!!

Best regards, Lucy

Date: 06/08/05 I spoke with my sister last evening and she received her present on Monday (which was her birthday). She loved it. Thank you for all that you did to make it special for her. Patti W.

Date: 01/22/05 Thank you, Thank you. Thank you. My new cat bracelet is just precious. I will enjoy wearing it.Your customer service is one of the best I've encountered. You really care about your customers. Junie K

Date: 06/15/04 You have the most unusual pieces and they even look better in person, I was so impressed! All of my inquiries were answered very promptly. Dana P.

Date: 01/05/04 I want to thank you for your excellent customer service and beautiful jewelry selection. I will keep you in mind for my next internet purchases. Stella

Date: 10/23/03 First of all I would like to thank you so much for all of your efforts. You have gone out of your way to try to accommodate our needs. I really couldn't believe the level of service you have given us. We will not hesitate to order our next purchase through you and will highly recommend your site to all of our friends. Thank you once again for the very fast and frequent responses to our questions and for all of your services. Greg and Rebecca

Date: 9/15/03 I was really amazed at how extraordinary your customer service was! This is rarely found when making an internet purchase. When we received the order we were even more thrilled as the gemstone ring was outstanding. Our hats off to you Pandora's Jewel Box. June and Danny

Date: 6/06/03 The keychain arrived on Thursday, and it was even prettier than I thought it would be. Very much like a "Tiffany" keychain. Thanks again for your attention. Christine

Date: 4/26/03 Yesterday was my daughter's 16th birthday and she absolutely loves the bracelet we purchased from you. Thanks for helping make her birthday special. Tammy

Date: 3/31/03 Hello there Donna & Max - It's Serena and I want to thank you for getting my pendant to me. The gift went over like a rocket. He loved it. Thanks guys - you're the best. Serena

Date: 3/12/03 Thank you for your prompt reply. Your customer service is wonderful! Kevin

Date: 3/10/03 Thanks again for all your time and finesse. Roxanne

Date: 10/30/2002 Donna & Max, I don't think I've ever received such a detailed response before! Thank you for everything! You have been absolutely wonderful to me. - Doreen

Date: 10/12/2002

Thank you. I really appreciate it. Y'all have been so helpful--I will definitely remember you the next time I have to buy a gift for someone...or myself!- Andrea

Date: 10/09/2002

Wow, what a super fast reply!! Thank you for the great customer service already! Thank you (again) for the quick information-it is so nice to find a web site with great products and good service.- Anne


(Customer mailed a card to us and she writes):

Dear Donna, I just had to write and thank you again for all you did to get my order to me!..... The earrings are very pretty and so very unique! I've never seen any others like them.....The lovely experience of getting to know you was also well worth it.- Tiffany

Date: 08/08/2002

Thank you very much for the special card, the pendant is even more beautiful than I expected. It arrived in plenty of time. I will have trouble not giving it to her early. Thanks again and we'll be back.- Erin

Date: 05/18/2002

She is twelve and undergoing chemotherapy, so birthday presents are even more precious than usual. Fairies are one of her most favorite things. Thank you so much for your concern about orders-- I truly appreciate it, and have bookmarked your site for future reference and I will pass it on to others. Service is especially important these days. Thank you. I will wait to hear from you on which one you chose. Again, I appreciate your service.- Aletia

Date: 05/02/2002

Thank you for your call tonight. I am sorry that I was unable to answer because I got home from work late. I hadn't realized that I entered my old email address on the order. I just wanted to say that I am completely impressed with your service. I was also very impressed with your neat contemporary products. Being a musician, I wanted to find a piece of jewelry that fit my style and my hobby. I will definitely shop at your site again. Thanks again and I am all for faster shipping! I can't wait to wear this necklace at my upcoming competitions and recitals! Sincerely impressed,- Lynnae

Date: 04/29/2002

I have to thank you for your prompt response. I haven't found it common to get responses back so fast from many on- line companies. Thank you for the update as well.

Date: 12/24/2001
    Rating: Excellent
    Comments: They kept me informed every step of the way. Wonderful service.

Date: 12/17/2001
    Rating: Excellent
    Comments: They responded promptly and sent my item as soon as possible. Definately recommend to everyone.

Date: 12/17/2001
    Rating: Excellent
    Comments: Pandora's Jewel Box is in my opinion the most professional business that I have ever encountered on the internet. They stayed in touch with me with the order I made and even took the time to call me regarding the process. I recommend this business to everyone who likes to be treated like a special customer and not like just any individual. They handled my order with the upmost speed and were very courteous with me. I would like to specially thank them for their help.- SSG William C.

Date: 12/13/2001
    Rating: Excellent
    Comments: Thank you Max and Donna for all your help with this purchase. Truly, you have expressed what professionalism is all about. My wife will be very happy to receive the gift. Once again thank you for all your help and professionalism.

Date: 10/18/2001
    Rating: Excellent
    Comments: They helped me select a gift for my girlfriend and gave me some great service. I would suggest Pandora's Jewel Box to anyone.

Date: 05/09/2001
    Rating: Excellent
    Commments: I was overwhelmed with the response and services I recieved from the company. The people are very prompt and customer satisfaction seems to be their top priority. You dont find that much in companies today. They will always have my support and buisness due to my experience with them. They went out of their way to make my order happen and it goes to say my hat is off to them. "THANK YOU PANDORAS JEWEL BOX you truly are a wonderful company".

Date: 05/02/2001
    Rating: Excellent
    Comments: Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. I truly enjoyed doing business with you and I'll definitely shop with your company again. God Bless.

Date: 04/23/2001
    Rating: Excellent
    Order: 506 Comments: Donna was a huge help and the merchandise that I bought is beautiful. I recommend Pandora's Jewel Box to everyone.

Date: 02/12/2001
    Rating: Excellent
    Comments: You not only have my future business but you have my strongest recomendation to anyone I meet. The wonderful customer service I received will make sure I check them first in the future. Thank you again, and may your caring and kindness be returned a hundred fold.

Date: 01/19/2001
    Rating: Excellent
    Comments: They were prompt in responding to my e-mail and questions. A pleasure to deal with, I will definitely shop with them again!

Date: 11/27/2000
    Rating: Good
    Comments: They were quick and sincere. They were afraid that they charged my credit card twice due to fax machine trouble, but they reported it to me quick and solved the problem very quick.