Our Celtic Knot jewelry collection has some fascinating history attached to it. Celtic knot jewelry gets its inspiration from the famed Celtic style of knots. Celtic knots, also known as Celtic interlace, are ornate patterns that were mainly used to decorate Bible manuscripts and jewelry. Celtic knots are complete loops with no end or beginning and some of them were drawn so finely that they were sometimes called "the work of angels". The interlaced patterns are supposed to reflect the Celts’ belief of the interconnectedness of all life. We have tried to faithfully ingrain this intricate work in our Celtic Knot Jewelry collection of Celtic necklaces and we’re sure that you will like what you see.

Also, be sure to check out our Animal jewelry collection. It features ornamental animal designs in sterling silver. Each necklace involves detailed and beautiful work, making these sterling silver necklaces delicate and unique. Our Animal Jewelry will be a perfect gift for those with a penchant for animals.

All of us have our own look and style, and our assorted collection of sterling silver necklaces will ensure that you are able to choose one that is congruent with your tastes.